Our record breaking clinic! Held in the Town of La Crucecita. Over the 4 clinic days, 202 Dogs/Cats passed through our doors, each receiving the best Snipsister Care and Attention.

Total number of Sterilization Surgeries: 198

Breakdown: Male Cats: 31   Female Cats: 45    Male Dogs: 41   Female Dogs: 80

Special Surgeries/Treatments: One eye removal (Dog),  See the photo above. This is Lucero, A stoic male dog owned by a local family  in the area. Lucera came to our clinic with a badly infected eye, the only solution was to remove it to ease the pain. Lucero has never looked back (sort of speak!) He is doing very well and is recovering nicely. Thank you to his Vet Team, Antonio and Jimena! Post Op care provided by Roberto, our kind hearted friend who allowed us to use the courtyard on his property as our clinic site. Roberto, together with a handful of caring locals are working diligently at getting an animal shelter built in La Crucecita. After meeting and working with Roberto, we have no doubt that this will come to fruition!

Other Special Surgeries and Treatments: One Leg Amputation (Dog), One Leg Amputation (Cat)  Two Female Dogs are undergoing Chemotherapy for TVT- a cancer that is highly treatable: 5 weeks of treatment till remission!