Heidi Wagner

Heidi Wegner

It is well known to all who know Heidi, the conviction she has for helping animals.

While working on photo assignments with her husband Gary Campbell, Heidi has seen much of the world. With that, she has witnessed a great deal of suffering animals along the way. Each trip has included the rescue of animals that have crossed her path, from an orphaned Armadillo in the Amazon to Donkeys in Colombia and Monkeys in Indonesia.

She took this passion to a new height in May 2011 when she held her first fundraiser in Calgary, enough funds were raised to provide two free spay/neuter clinics in rural communities near her home in Huatulco, Mexico.

Heidi officially founded and registered Snipsisters in Calgary as a Not-For-Profit Organization in 2012. She continues to work with diligence fundraising, managing, organizing and operating free clinics each year, along with helping other local rescue groups hold their own spay/neuter clinics. She also has and continues to work with rescue groups facilitating the transportation of homeless dogs to rescue groups in Canada.

Sheila Tomlinson


Sheila has been volunteering with Snipsisters since 2012. Each year, she commits to taking a week off work to help daily for hours on end as Recovery Team Lead. As a former RN, who worked in Cardiac Surgery, Sheila brings a wealth of experience and operating room expertise to our humble clinics.

Not only is she incredibly competent and efficient, she makes us laugh with her ever present sense of humour. Sheila has a wonderful way of working with and training newcomers to the recovery process.

She has also gathered donated towels, medical supplies and has spread the Snipsister story to her friends, two of whom have traveled from France and Mexico City to volunteer at clinics. She is an important and exceptional part of the Sisterhood!

Tonya Lindsay


Tonya Lindsay, has forever and a day helped animals! Recently she has become Snipsister’s Official Spokeswoman and Fundraiser in Northern Alberta and in Southern British Columbia.

She has raised funds by simply telling the Snipsister story. Her commitment and diligence in raising as many dollars as she can while spending many cold winters working up North is commendable. Since 2014 she has raised over $2500.00-and that’s not all, while at home in BC she has gathered boxes full of donated collars/leashes and medical supplies from local pet stores and vet clinics. She is actively involved with helping animals all over the globe, including the homeless dogs from Thailand-dear to her heart, as her own sweet dog Mango was rescued from that part of the world. She is a proud member of the Canadian Branch of Soi Dog Foundation, Thailand. She recently helped facilitate the transport of two dogs that arrived from Thailand, she personally funded and recruited members from her “Dog Army” to transport these dogs from LA to One by One Animal Rescue based in Phoenix.

Tonya, like all animal rescuers, knows and exercises that when there are animals in need- regardless of where they may be in the world, it is a global issue that knows no borders. Soon she will be able to join the rest of the Sisterhood volunteers offering her skills at upcoming clinics.

Shelagh O’Brien


There has never been a time in Shelagh’s life without animals….Since childhood her home has been a haven for cats and dogs, kittens and puppies, turtles, birds, hamsters and horses. Her love of animals and her overt concern for their health and welfare has been a constant presence in her life, and a sentiment she has passed on to her children. Shelagh contributes regularly to animal welfare organizations both in North America and overseas, and is thrilled to be one of the founding members of SnipSisters.

Shelagh realized that she and Heidi had a common passion for animals in need when they both cooperated, arranged and paid for the medical care and transportation of two abandoned Mexican dogs back to an animal rescue group in Calgary, Alberta in 2010. It was during that adventure the two women found their common interest in helping these four-legged friends find a healthier existence. Whether it’s rescuing and freeing sea-turtles from the complicated knots of a fisherman’s rope, finding human escorts for international animals back to Canadian foster homes, or rolling up her sleeves and combing through matted and tangled fur removing ticks and other pests, there is little Shelagh would not do, financially or physically, to help an animal in need.