2023 Clinics & Fundraising Events

Clinics have already been underway since January!

January Total Snips: 227 & February Total Snips: 256, March Clinic to Start on the 25th!

VERY BIG BIG NEWS!!! PETA LATINO graciously donated funds for our team to treat several cases of TVT in the community of Chila. TVT is a highly infectious cancer, tumors are visible usually near the genitals but some dogs get infected on their face, chest or other areas. TVT can be very successfully treated with the drug Vincristine, which is given via IV, once per week to patients, the number of weekly treatments range from 2-4 depending on the progression. We are so grateful to PETA for this incredibly generous donation. Snipsisters is so grateful to Dr. Edgar who is administering the Vincristine. Our gratitude goes to Gaby Sanchez who brings the dogs to and from the location in Chila to receive the treatments.


Karen and Jocelyn were busy prepping for the Feb 20th event “Night at the Brewery” organizing and preparing all that is required to pull off an event like this. AND A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO GUDRUN HARDES & DEB RANKIN for securing many fantastic Silent and Live Auction Items.


Stay tuned on FB and INSTAGRAM for the Very Popular Gift Baskets and Boxes that are raffled off every few months! All funds raised go to the clinics in and around the Huatulco area of Oaxaca.

2022 Clinics

From January 2022-December 2022, The Puerto Escondido Chapter snipped 2107 dogs & cats, in and around communities near Puerto Escondido, including the community of Cuatanalco-which is near Huatulco.

GRAND TOTAL FOR 2022: 2107!!!

Again, we are delighted to continue working with Dr. Ruben!

2020-2021 Clinics


From June- December 2020, The Puerto Escondido Chapter snipped 497 dogs & cats. In 2021 they snipped 1538 in and around communities near Puerto Escondido, including the community of Cuatanalco-which is near Huatulco.

GRAND TOTAL FOR 2020-2021: 2035!!!

We are incredibly pleased to announce that we have been working with Dr. Ruben Rocha MVZ, a very well respected, highly qualified Veterinarian from Mexico City.

Susan Allison-Snipsister’s PE Team Lead, works endlessly scheduling, organizing and running all these clinics with her core team of volunteers, Yasmine Othman, Mariela Lopez, Bere de La Paz, Gabriela Zarate Sanchez, Emily Draws, & Usha Boise. What an incredible team!

2019 Clinics

The Snipsister Puerto Escondido Team held very successful free spay/neuter clinics, one in July where a total of 271 dogs/cats were snipped in two days and the other in November, where a total of 204 dogs/cats were snipped in two days. Additional surgeries in December ended 2019 with a grand total of 539 snips for the year by the PE Team, an incredible success right out of the gate!

Jan 2017-Jun 2019 Clinics

Throughout the years 2017, 2018 and the first 6months of 2019 The Snipsisters have proudly provided funds to various local spay/neuter groups in Huatulco, Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca City & Puebla. During this time a total of 1464 sterilizations surgeries were funded by Snipsisters’ Main Chapter.