SnipSisters were at it once again, and were able to coordinate the sterilization surgeries of close to 200 dogs and cats in the towns of Coyula and Cuatunalco, Mexico. All the animals were also treated for internal and external parasites, given food on their release from the clinic, and follow up visits by the vets or the SnipSisters were made when necessary.

The SnipSisters also had the satisfying experience of being able to sterilize an abandoned litter of puppies found living in a hotel parking lot in the town of Le Crucecita. They were then able to coordinate the adoptions of the entire litter to loving families near the town of Cuatunalco. This is why they do what they do, and the support of the people and municipalities in all these communities is overwhelming. SnipSisters have made friends for life.

Alongside their surgical mission, SnipSisters also arranges for local vets to visit the surrounding schools to make presentations about spay and neuter benefits, caring for domestic animals, and general health and care guidelines for animals. The younger generations of school-aged children are the perfect audience for this kind of information, and SnipSisters urges the youth in each community to visit the clinics, speak with the surgeons, and even witness the procedures if they are interested. All in the name of education, outreach and exposure – SnipSisters is committed to trying to make a difference.