SnipSisters once again had two very successful clinics in the towns of Barra La Cruz, Coyula and Cuatunalco in December 2013.

We worked again with Vets Antonio and Poli, but this year we had the pleasure of meeting and working with Vet Technician Paulina for the first time. Paulina is a wonderful addition to the team. The three of them are officially called “Pets 4 Life” operating out of Puerto Vallarta. Each day we all work tirelessly side by side and a total of 202 dogs and cats were sterilized and were treated for internal and external parasites.

As with all our clinics, there always seems to be a need for a special surgery or two- beyond the snipping. This year, Iggy was our special case. Roughly 2 yrs old, withering in a corner, one of our volunteers noticed him apart from the other 4 dogs and cat owned by a single family in the small community of Tueheca. Iggy was very weak and thin, a sweet gentle male with a machete gash across his head that was so deep it went through his skull bone. Without hesitation we loaded up Iggy and the other 4 dogs plus the cat and headed for the clinic in Coyula. There, Poli meticulously began carefully cleaning and stitching layer and layer of tissue together. Once fully recovered from his sterilization and head surgery, armed with antibiotics and a care package of food, collars and leashes for all dogs, Iggy returned home and made a full recovery.

Machete wounds such as this are common and are inflicted usually by owners of female dogs. This is the harsh way some people try to prevent males like Iggy from pursuing a female dog when she is in heat. Again, all the more reason these sterilization clinics are so necessary -once males are sterilized this behavior stops.