IMG_2305Success! Best Clinic to date. So pleased with the local involvement and support. Thank you to the Town of El Coyul! Mayor Ramon & his fabulous Wife, Professor Luis Felipe and the amazing students of the El Coyul Agriculture School, who each day gave their energy time and enthusiasm for this project. Also my personal thanks goes out to Pablo Narvaez (from Barra la Cruz) who initiated communications between myself and the Mayor of El Coyul many months ago. It takes months and months to prepare for each clinic and I could not have done it without my good friend Pablo.

181 dogs/cats came to be snipped! Despite road blocks that ran for kms (due to corrupt Police Officers lining their pockets with bribe money)

We had Mexicans, we had Canadians, we had Americans and yes we even had a Scottish Lass volunteering. My heart is bursting with love for my volunteers. NONE of this is possible without you all.