Meet ROUS (Rodent of Unusual Size) Rou for short.

As volunteers Gary and Sarita were driving back to the Coyula clinic after catching a run away dog, they discovered this tiny pup in a ditch, clearly homeless, very scared, starving, dehydrated and full of sores. Without a second thought, they brought her to Paulina, our Vet Tech who immediately assessed her health and deemed that with a protein rich diet, love and care, this little mite would survive! This was a lucky day for this pup. Sadly this is not the case for many many pups that end up living in the streets due to the overpopulation issues in these rural communities. All too many suffer a horrible life and death, from disease, starvation, poisoning or getting hit by cars. It is a heartbreaking reality that can be avoided humanly through sterilization.

KC-Heidi’s dog (a rescue from Calgary) became Rou’s teacher and protector while she lived with Heidi and Gary. This responsibility didn’t come easy for ‘ol KC-not the most tolerant of dogs. She showed her protective side when she came to Rou’s rescue when other dogs were aggressive with her. Each day Rou became stronger and each week she became more confident, healthier, happier. She spent her days with KC on the beach chasing crabs, eating 3 meals a day, learning to swim and playing with all her admirers. She spent her nights curled up in her chosen bed (a linen box!) It was wonderful to see the change in her. Her coat that was once sparse and brittle, became thick and silky. Her skin that was once full of sores, healed so well that you would never have thought that she was a street dog.

After 2 months we found Rou’s forever home! A friend of ours from Calgary fell in love with her, together with his daughters, Rou was officially adopted. We are happy to report that she continues to thrive and is well loved. Enjoy these photos showing her progress!



Arrival at the Clinic

Testing Caption 2

Resting in recovery after her sterilization surgery


Day 4 after rescue


The linen box bed-Picked by Rou.


Learning to swim


Her “go-to” spot for a nap after meals


KC, showing great patience!


Nothing like a good beach read!


Guarding the beach


Tender moment


Calgary Bound. Kennel Inspection


Arrival at YYC. Proud new owner!


Growing up


Already on the internet.


Home visit. Still trying to fit in my lap!


Reunited with KC in Calgary