Since 2010 The Snipsisters have been humanely tackling the issue of overpopulation of dogs and cats in Huatulco, Mexico, where no government funding exists to offer free or reduced cost spay & neuter programs.

Through constant fundraising events in Calgary, donations and the generous support of volunteers, Snipsisters are able to offer FREE spay and neuter surgeries to hundreds of families that live in and near the region of Huatulco.

Teaming up with Mexican Vet Teams from either Puerto Vallarta or Oaxaca City and a loyal group of caring volunteers, Snipsisters continues to coordinate and schedule clinics that provide much needed support in terms of sterilization surgeries to the communities that dot this region of the Mexican coastline.

100% of the funds rasied are used to pay for all medical supplies as well as the Mexican Vet Team’s travel expense from either Puerto Vallarta or Oaxaca City to Huatulco. The Snipsister Team and Volunteers pay their own travel expense to Mexico for these clinics. The goal is to continue offering FREE spay/neuter clinics every year, moving from community to community, and their long term plans are to inspire and assist emerging local rescue groups to one day host their own clinics.

What’s New?


Snipsisters will be working in collaboration with TNR Puerto Escondido on a Trap Neuter & Release Program to address the overpopulation of stray cats in region!