Since 2010 Snipsisters have been humanely tackling the issue of overpopulation of dogs and cats in the Huatulco, Mexico area…a region that is often overlooked in other free spay & neuter efforts and governmental funding.

Through constant fundraising events in Calgary, donations and the generous support of volunteers, Snipsisters are able to offer FREE spay and neuter surgeries to hundreds of families that live near the Huatulco region.

Teaming up with Mexican Vet Teams from either Puerto Vallarta or Oaxaca City, and a loyal group of caring volunteers, Snipsisters continues to coordinate and schedule clinics that provide much needed support in terms of sterilization surgeries to the communities that dot this region of the Mexican coastline.

100% of the funds rasied are used to pay for all medical supplies as well as the Mexican Vet Team’s travel expense from either Puerto Vallarta or Oaxaca City to Huatulco. The Snipsister Team and Volunteers pay their own travel expense to Mexico for these clinics. The goal is to continue offering FREE spay/neuter clinics every year, moving from community to community, and their long term plans are to inspire and assist emerging local rescue groups to one day host their own clinics.

Next Up For Snipsisters


Fundraisers & Clinics

Plans are in progress for the 2018 Calgary Fundraiser!
Stay tuned for event updates

Snipsisters regrets to announce that we will not be doing a clinic this year. My dear dog KC has had some serious health issues & as a result I have decided that I want & need to stay home with my girl, so I won’t be able to travel to Huatulco to run a spay/neuter clinic this winter. I will so miss the entire process and will especially miss reconnecting & working alongside my fantastic team of volunteers.

KC is no stranger to our clinics, she was in Mexico helping in 2013! She knows the importance of continuing the snip program. Rest assured the Snipping will continue! Snipsisters has offered to send funds when needed to trusted groups that will be offering free clinics in the coming months in the Huatulco area. I have personally worked with these organizations, we all have shared volunteers, supplies & equipment, they all are so dedicated & do exceptional work helping animals. Terre Xtra, Palmas Unidas & Fundacion Chapulin, Thank you for all you do!

Be sure to check out Snip News to read about past clinics and if you go to our Picture Library you will find snaps of the snipping in action!

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Contact me at: if you would like to volunteer or donate items such as leashes, collars, medical supplies etc. or if you have any questions.